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Just made an account? Thank you for joining the rebellion! 

Here's an overview on how to get started:

1) Release new music or move existing music through the free distribution tool

2) Within 24-48 hours (or within 4 weeks of your release's release date), credits will be added to your account automatically

3) Use these credits on everything from playlist promotion to cover art creation. 

Watch this quick video for everything you need to know to get started:

Like to read instead? Here's the breakdown:

In order to get full access to everything your Boost Collective account has to offer (Playlist Promo, courses, mastering, and more), you'll need to upload a new release (or move an existing one) to Boost Collective using our free distribution tool. 

To get started, click on the 'Artists' tab, and then click on 'Add new artists':

Add your artist name as seen below. For email, you can put your Boost Collective account email (any email is fine). 

Make sure you put in your Spotify ID and Apple Music ID to ensure that music you distribute will appear on your existing Spotify and Apple Music artist profiles. If you don't yet have a Spotify or Apple Music profile for this artist, you can leave it blank.

Once you're done, click the submit button:

Next, click on the 'Labels' tab, and then the 'Add New Label' button:

Are you an independent artist? Don't worry - adding a label is only for formatting reasons. In the 'Name' field, you can just input your artist name, like seen below. All the other fields are optional and recommended to be filled out only if you're a label.

Great! You're set. You'll see in the 'status' column for your label it will say 'Not Approved'. Please ignore this, you can still distribute and proceed with the next steps without an issue. It will change to 'Approved' automatically after a few days.

 Next, head to the 'Releases' tab:

Click on the 'Add New Release' button:

And you're good to go! From here, you'll be able to add a release for distribution.

For help on how to properly upload a release though Boost Collective, click here. You can also transfer release(s) over (see how here).

Please note: As a new user, you can only upload 1 song. Once we mark your first song for distribution, you will be able unlock the ability to upload unlimited releases for distribution.  It can take up to 72 hours for your 1st song to be marked for distribution by us.

Once your release is all set for distribution, you'll begin earning credits, rising through the ranks of Boost Collective, and making the music industry a better place! Enjoy :)