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Here we'll go over all the sections in the upload form when releasing through Boost Collective. 

How it works:

Click on 'Releases' in your dashboard menu, and then click on 'Add New Release' to get started.

Note: If you are using mobile or a laptop with a smaller screen, the menus you see might be cropped.

In order to see the entire menu options, make sure to scroll horizontally, like you see here:

Release Name

Input the release name of your single/album/EP.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT use all lowercase, ALL CAPS, or ImPrOpEr CaPiTaLiZatIon, or else your release will not be approved. Here is an example of a good release name:

Release Version

Some releases are released in more than one version, if so please enter the version name. If your release is original/standard release please ignore this field. If you're not sure what to put here, you can ignore it.

Release Name Language

What language is the Release Name in (the first box you filled out on the form)?

Example: if your release name is 'Feliz Navidad', your release name language is Spanish.

Example: if your release name is 'Midnight Trapper', your release name language is English.


IMPORTANT: Make sure you go to the 'Labels' tab in your dashboard to create a label that you can then input in this section. This is just good formatting for distribution - nothing more :)

If your release is through a label, add the label information in the 'Labels' tab in your dashboard, and then select it.

If you are an independent artist,  go to the 'Labels' tab in your dashboard and create a label with the name being just your artist name, and then come back to the upload form to proceed.

Example: If my artist name is D33JAX and I'm an independent artist, I will create a Label in the 'Labels' tab with the name D33JAX, and then select it, as seen here: 


Here you just input the artist name(s) and artist types for the release. Remember, we are on the album-level, so the artists you add here will apply to all the songs you will add later. 

If your release is an album with multiple songs and 3+ contributing artists, you can add the specific artists later - here you can just use 'Various Artists', as seen here:

If your release is a single, you can input all the contributing artists in this section now.

Copyright and Genre

This section is pretty simple - here's an example of how it would look like if my artist name is D33JAX and I'm an unsigned artist:

Catalog Number
Here you can just put whatever works for you to organize your release (or not). 

The only rules are that the first 2 characters must be capital letters followed by a number

Example: DB042

Release Description

You can input whatever you like here - usually a small description of your release. Please no emails or links here or else your release won't be approved. Here's an example of a good description


Pretty easy - just make sure you follow the proper specifications. Make sure your cover is as high quality as possible.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure that any text in your cover art EXACTLY matches the name of the release/artist name. Stores like Apple Music are very strict with covers - make sure it matches or else your release will be rejected.

Hint: For amazing cover arts that meet the criteria out of the gate, you can use credits to get custom cover arts in the 'Armory' section of your dashboard.

If you need to re-size your cover art to meet the 3000x3000px criteria, visit a site like this one, upload your cover, and input the desired dimensions of 3000x3000 pixels.

Official Release Date

Here you can pick the release date. For earlier release date options, uncheck the 'Assisted Dates' checkbox.

Exclusive store release date

You can choose to allow certain only stores to release your song on the release date. For example, if you select 'Beatport 4 weeks', your song will only appear on Beatport on your release date, and be available only there for 4 weeks, until after which your song will be available to all 150+ platforms/stores we distribute to.

For most, it's best to select 'No Exclusive'.

Territories and Countries

You can specify which regions and countries you want your music to release in.

For most, it's best to select 'Worldwide'.


You can learn more about what a UPC/EAN code is here (UPC and EAN mean the same thing).

Basically, if you don't have a UPC code you need to do anything and one will be automatically generated for you (recommended for most users).


In the 'Tracks' section, you can add all the specific songs for this release. If you are releasing a single, you can upload your one song here. If you are releasing an album/EP, you can upload multiple songs here by clicking the 'Add another' button.

Track Name

Please do NOT use all lowercase, ALL CAPS, or ImPrOpEr CaPiTaLiZatIon, or else your release will not be approved. 

Mix Name

Specify if this song is an original or a remix by selecting an option from the drop-down menu.


Make sure you are uploading a .WAV file. 

Your file must be at least 60 seconds long to be approved for distribution.

Album only?

Specify if this specific track is available on the album only or not.

Once you've filled all this information, click the 'Save and continue' button! 

You will see a success message. Your release is now created - you'll now need to fill out information at the track level:

Notice how the Status is 'Not Ready'. this means that you must finish filling in information for the tracks you added for your release.

Let's continue! The following sections you'll need to fill out for every track you added for your release.


What language is the Track Name in?

Example: if your track name is 'Feliz Navidad', your track name language is Spanish.

Example: if your track name is 'Midnight Trapper', your track name language is English.


Listen to your track in full length. If your track is having any vocals, please select the language of vocals. If your track is free of vocals, select the Instrumental option. Double check it to be sure. If this input is wrong, some stores like iTunes and Apple Music will reject the release.


Here you can input the artist(s) that contributed to the track in this release. 


Click here to see more information about how to fill out the 'Publishers' section of the form.


Click here to see more information about how to fill out the 'Contributors' section of the form.

Genre and Sub-Genre

Input the Genre and Sub-Genre of the track. Note: it's recommended that the track-level genre and sub-genre match the release-level genre, especially if you are only releasing a single.

Platforms like Apple Music can be very strict about genre inconsistencies - just an FYI!

Additional Metadata

Follow the instructions seen on the form and fill anything out, if necessary.

And you're done! click the 'Submit Track' button.

Your track will then have the 'Ready' status:

Last Step

Once all the tracks on your release have the 'Ready' status, you can then mark it for distribution! 

Here's how:

And phew! You're finally done. You're getting the hang of it! Your release will be set for distribution in the 'Waiting approval' status. 

You will receive credits for the release you uploaded as soon as the release status turns into 'Distributed' status. Click here to learn more about when exactly you can expect to see credits arrive into your account.

Note: You will only be able to upload 1 song as your first-ever release when you make a new Boost Collective account. Once your first release is marked as 'Distributed' in the Release status, you will then be able to distribute unlimited releases.

Click here to learn more about all the statuses a release can have.