Boost Collective is constantly working to ensure that our users are only uploading content they have 100% rights to.  If someone has uploaded your music/photos/artwork to Boost Collective without your permission, please reach out to us here with a link to the release, and we'll help resolve the issue.

If you have received a DMCA Takedown notice from Boost Collective, and would like to provide a counterclaim to the initial takedown notice, you can submit your counterclaim here.

If someone has uploaded your intellectual property using a service other than Boost Collective, that's unfortunately not something that we can help with. However, you can reach out to each streaming service with a DMCA takedown request. You might need to Google around for each service's process regarding a DMCA Takedown, but here are several links to processes that we're aware of:


iTunes/Apple Music: 

YouTube/Google Play: