Streaming fraud or Artificial Streaming is when an artist uses artificial means to increase their streams.

This is bad. Don't do it.

It's not always obvious that what you're signing up for is fraudulent, such as through "promo" companies who claim that they're creating ads. It's often a scam.

This is why you have Boost Collective’s FREE built-in playlist promotion tool - so you can ensure that you’re getting real and organic attention from relevant audiences. 

If you're caught committing streaming fraud, your music will likely be removed from streaming services and you won't get paid. You may also receive a warning from Boost Collective and/or your Boost Collective account will be closed.

We ensure to stick to only using Boost Collective’s built in tools to promote your music on playlists to ensure the safety of your Boost Collective account, song royalties, and prevent any risk of takedown.