Can I Change My Artist Name?

Modified on Tue, 05 Apr 2022 at 10:56 PM

Short Answer: Yes. You can change your artist name by going to 'Artists', click on the 'Action' button of the artist you want to edit, and then click 'Edit'.

Long Answer: Changing your artist name is a long and arduous process that can occasionally cause more issues than it solves. Obviously, we all understand artist expression and wanting to most accurately represent yourself and your artist project, but we also want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the most informed decision possible before making a change to your existing projects that is difficult to reverse and can cause a lot of issues. 

Preserving followers and monthly listeners

When you make a request to change your artist name, please note that most streaming services will simply create a new artist page for you instead of updating the information on your existing artist page. For streaming services that do this, we cannot request that your existing artist page be edited to reflect your new artist name. As a result, your monthly listeners and followers will likely not be transferred to your new artist page. 

Preserving play counts and playlists

Boost Collective cannot make any guarantees, but in general if you are simply editing the metadata of an existing release through our edits feature (i.e. not changing the ISRC), your play counts and playlist placements should carry over. Again though, not something Boost Collective has any control over. 

It can take quite some time for all stores to update your artist name

While submitting your request to rebrand is an automated process, the actual data management and metadata updates of your rebrand request are not fully automated, and many of these requests require humans (not computers) to fulfill correctly. 

What this means:

Depending on the volume of current rebrand requests, it may take up to several months for all stores to update your existing content and display your new artist name. If you are planning on rebranding, please take note of this. 

Mis-mapped releases

As you may know, Boost Collective does not have any control over where your releases are mapped in streaming services. When you edit your artist name and a new artist page is created, if the name is not completely unique it is possible that your releases will be mapped to a pre-existing artist page.  If this happens, please fill this form and we'll help fix it for you.

Unable to make additional edit requests

If you decide to change your artist name across streaming services, you will not be able to request additional edit requests on any release that utilizes the new artist name until your name change request has been completed. At this time, there is no way to expedite these requests 

No going back (kind of)

If you choose to change your artist name, the only way to revert the changes is to re-request another edit. Any side effects of the initial request are not guaranteed to be resolved by simply changing your artist name back.

It is important to note that when rebranding, your full discography must be updated to reflect the new artist name, otherwise some streaming services may hide releases they deem to have conflicting metadata.

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