Earnings reports and payments are available to you as soon as Boost Collective receives and processes earnings from streaming services and stores. 

Streaming services usually deliver these reports monthly, and they reflect sales from about 3 months ago. So, if someone streamed your song yesterday, royalties for it won't show up in your Boost Collective bank until about 3 months from now.

ALSO!! Not all streaming services report at the same time, or at the same frequency. Each store & streaming service delivers reports & payments on their own schedule. So, for example, you likely won't receive updated iTunes & Spotify numbers on the same day. 

The same thing goes for different distributors--if you have other music online via a distributor other than Boost Collective, that distributor may reflect your Spotify (and so on) numbers before or after Boost Collective does. We're usually first!  But not always.

When you request a withdrawal, your money will be sent within 1-14 days of the request.