Introducing our new Splits feature! The most comprehensive way to track earnings among multiple collaborators. 

With Splits, you can split earnings among multiple people for your releases. 


When uploading a release, you will see the Splits section appear in the track-level form:

Here you can add collaborators of all kinds, such as an artist you're collabing with, producer, DJ, manager, business partner, etc.

To add a new collaborator, click on 'Create New' and add their full name as well as their email address:

You can also track 'costs' with Splits. This is an advanced distribution feature even some of the most expensive label-focused distributors don't have!

Let's say your producer doesn't want a cut of your release but a fixed $50 for mastering your song. You can add that as a cost! Then, the first 50$ in royalties generated by that track will go to that cost before anything else:

Another example is if you're a label uploading tracks, you can agree with the artist that the first 50$ earned goes to the label, and can make that a cost.


Once your release with splits starts earning royalties, you can track in-depth earnings breakdown amongst the shareholders in your 'Splits' tab, by clicking on 'Get a Split Report'.

You can use the filters to generate your custom split report:

You'll then be able to download the report and see in-depth tracking for the breakdown of earnings.

You can then also send the report to the other shareholders/collaborators on that split report so they can see the breakdown and see what they're owed.

To do this, click on the 'Open' button seen in the screenshot above, and then you can send the report to their email:


It's important to note that while Splits meticulously tracks all splits and costs in transparent statements for easy tracking and accounting, it does not automatically pay out shareholders/collaborators.

You (the account owner that uploaded the release) will receive all the royalty earnings and it is your responsibility to pay shareholders/collaborators according to the amount payable to them tracked by Splits. 

The upside is that Splits makes it easier than ever to know how much each shareholder/collaborator is owed :)

Learn more about withdrawing your royalty earnings here.